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April 19, 20, 21 - 2024

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

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Breed & Discipline Information

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Key Information for Breed & Discipline Groups

If you are participating in the Breed & Discipline Demonstrations, please read the information below.

Information which is emailed to Breed & Discipline Coordinators is also found below. 
Please check back as additional information may be added leading up to Fair.

Coordinator Guidelines

As the Breed & Discipline Coordinator for your group, the Midwest Horse Fair requests your cooperation.

Music Submission

Breed & Discipline music should be submitted by breed coordinators here.

Prop Guidelines

Important information regarding props such as flags, gun powder, and obstacles in your demonstrations

Raffle Information

If money is exchanged for a raffle ticket the raffle application must be completed

Script Requirements

Criteria to follow when preparing Breed & Discipline script

Scoring of Demonstrations

A detailed overview of scoring criteria for Breed & Discipline Demonstrations

Scoring of Stalls

A detailed overview of  scoring criteria for Breed & Discipline Stalls

Stall Front Requests

Complete this form to have front and/or side panels removed from your stalls

WHC Membership

Breed & Discipline groups accepted to participate must be a minimum of a level II member of the Wisconsin Horse Council