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April 20, 21, 22, 2018

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

Scoring of Demonstrations

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This scoring system has been put in place to ensure that the groups performing are the best representation of their breed group or association and will perform at the highest level during the Midwest Horse Fair. 

If selected to participate, the previous year's demonstration scores along with the stall scores will be used to determine priority for stall assignments, demonstration times, and practice times for current year. Top scores receive first consideration when placing time and location requests. Please note that scoring is based on both of the demonstrations at the Midwest Horse Fair and is determined by a committee. Feedback received at the fair and compliance to deadlines and guidelines is also taken into consideration.

Scoring for the Midwest Horse Fair Breed & Discipline Demonstrations is based on the following criteria:

Script (0-5 points):

  • Educational information about breed should be the primary focus
  • Focus on the breed/discipline versus individuals. No points will be awarded if demo promotes individual farms, trainers, or horses/services for sale
  • Submit script on time and follow script guidelines for content & formatting

Time (0-5 points):

  • Stays within the 10 minute time frame including set up and removal of props
  • 1-30 seconds over = 1 point deduction, 31-60 seconds over = 2 point deduction, more than 60 seconds over will result in a zero

Show Attire, Costumes & Tack (0-5 points):

  • Show attire and/or costumes are clean and cohesive with the rest of the group
  • Traditional outfits that fit the breed/discipline (Costumes to fit the theme are optional)
  • Tack is clean and in good condition. Points will be deducted for signs promoting farms, sales, etc.

Music & Props (0-5 points):

  • Music is fitting to the performance and appropriate for all ages
  • Music is submitted digitally, on time, and follows guidelines
  • If used, props should be safe and set up/removed in an efficient & organized fashion

Professionalism & Safety (0-5 points):

  • Participants follow instructions of gate coordinators
  • Participants represent their group and the Midwest Horse Fair in a professional manner
  • Horse & riders are experienced enough to perform in a public, crowded setting without the risk of endangering themselves, other participants, or attendees
  • Points will be deducted for participants video taping or taking pictures within the arena confines

Entertainment Value (0-5 points):

  • Creative performance that involves more elements than riding the rails
  • Shows a variety of skills and abilities of horses and riders
  • Enjoyable to watch
  • Cohesive & entertaining

Total (30 points possible) 

Tips that may help to enhance your score:

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