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April 11, 12 & 13 - 2025

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

Booth Amenities (Electricity, Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, etc.)

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Order Booth Furnishings and Services through the Alliant Energy Center.

Exhibitor booths include a sign with the booth display name & number and an 8' backdrop. 

The booth fee DOES NOT include electricity, furnishings or any other equipment. 

Electricity, Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, draperies, etc. are an additional cost to each exhibitor. Midwest Horse Fair does not provide these amenities. 

Generators are not allowed. 

Exhibitors should order amenities directly from the Alliant Energy Center or call 608-267-3950.

Order before April 1 for the best pricing.

Click to order amenities from Alliant Energy Center

Internet Options

Free Basic

Complimentary secure WiFi access is provided to all attendees, guests, exhibitors, vendors and promoters throughout the Alliant Energy Center campus. This connection is suitable for basic internet use like email, browsing social media, or the web. It is not recommended for business use and will not allow connection with devices like printers or Point of Sale systems. See Alliant Energy Center - Internet FAQ's for more information.

Premium Access

Premium Wi-Fi is intended for business use and offers a network with higher speed and bandwidth, allowing connection with Point of Sale system, printers, etc.

NOTE: A personal hotspot or network device such as routers and switches are prohibited. 

For more information, please contact the Alliant Energy Center IT Specialist - email or 608.267.8856.