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April 14, 15, 16 - 2023

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

Ladies Breakaway Roping

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Midwest Horse Fair Ladies Breakaway Roping

Rope. Ride. Slide.

Get ready to see quick-footed horses with high-powered breaks and cowgirls with some serious focus, grit and skill. This event moves fast. Don't blink or you may miss the top run! Join us Sunday, April 24, 2022 in the Blain’s Farm & Fleet Coliseum for a competition that is sure to impress!

$1,000 in Added Money!

What is Breakaway roping?

Breakaway Roping is a version of roping in which the competitor ropes a calf but does not throw or tie the calf. The competitor, using a regulation roping loop, ties it to the saddle horn by a piece of string. The rope is secured to the horn in such a manner as to immediately release from the horn when the calf reaches the end of the rope. 

The competitor stands next to the calf chute in a box with a spring-loaded barrier across it. When the calf is released from the chute the barrier breaks and time starts. The roper has a maximum of two loops and 60 seconds to successfully rope the calf with a neck catch. An official rules on the legality of a catch and the time stops when the flagger drops the flag. 

Breakaway Roping is an exciting, fast-paced event with top times having been recorded under two seconds! 


Congratulations to these extremely talented women!

1stKeeley SennGuiltyCoal City, IL
2ndBailey BarkerHoneyManson, IA
3rdHeidi BindDolly Broadway MollyBurnside, IA
4thKatie Van Der GeestMerrill, WI
5thSuzie JohnsonDineroBrodhead, WI
6thEmma TuesherWS Skips Tiny TimDarlington, WI


Come Cheer on these talented riders!

Keeley SennGuiltyCoal City, IL
Alison RagatzRaeCassiville, WI
Raelynn Johnson DineroBrodhead, WI
Heidi bindlDolly Broadway MollyBurnside, IA
Camarie Widmer WoodrowDeep River, IA
Garret PickelBodeeScales Mound, IL
Michelle ChristensenBerts CharmCoal City, IL
Carm Schneider DelbertTomah, WI
Rylee BevanLil Sweet CashBellevue, IA
Jenna Hume  JuniorOrfordville, WI
Holly Hershberer Ima Yellow DocFennimore, WI
Clare BurcalowShortyWaunakee, WI
Sophia SanderFoxySteuben, WI
Julie BuntingFreyaAmherst, WI
Cassandra BellCodaKendall, WI
Katie Van Der GeestMerrill, WI
Bailey BarkerHoneyManson, IA
Ashley ManionPlayboyStoughton, WI
Hope MoskiewiczZipped N Totally DunEagle, WI
Patti BenedictPaydayBeecher, IL
Brooke BindlIndyDayton, IA
Suzie JohnsonDineroBrodhead, WI
Emma TuesherWS Skips Tiny TimDarlington, WI
Abby Lee BreezaRushford, MN
Cora VespermanWillywood GamblePlatteville, WI
Breanna Ragatz
PetyCassiville, WI
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Ladies Breakaway Roping in Blain's Farm & Fleet Coliseum