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April 22, 23, 24 - 2022

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

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Breed/Discipline: Equestrian Drill Team

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Equestrian Drill Team

Red Rock Riders

The Red Rock Riders Equestrian Drill Team consists of several young ladies from Iowa and their trustworthy Horses.  The horses on the team are ridden in western tack and required to be versatile and cooperative.  They are asked to change speeds, stop, turn, and pass through on-coming horses and other difficult maneuvers. This is accomplished by many hours of practicing.  Each girl spends countless hours riding during the week and the team comes together once a week to practice together.  The Red Rock Riders perform several different choreographed routines across the Midwest in lighted and dark arenas.  When the venue is dark the girls and their horses are lit up in LED lights. The teams’ speed and precision provide an entertaining performance and is always a crowd favorite.

For more information please visit: Red Rock Riders