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April 16, 17, 18 - 2021

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

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Additional Clinicians & Entertainer for the 2020 Midwest Horse Fair will continue to be announced through the month of November. Please keep checking back for updates!

Ray Ainsworth
Clint Ainsworth
Mark Bolender
Dave Branham
Brigit Brown
TIm Busse
Dr. Hoyt Cheramie
Sandy Collier
Country View Vets
Chris Cox
Paula Curtis
Dani the Horse Girl
Ty Evans
Robert Eversole
Tammy Fischer
Michael Gascon
Julie Goodnight
Kate Gorski
Caz Harrison
John Harrison
Becky Hart
Irongate Equine Clinic
Doug Jordan
Abby Keegan
Kelly Kenney
Gayle Lampe
Manu Lataste
Jay LeRette
Twain Lockhart
Lodi Veterinary Care
Mary Ruth Marks
Todd Minikus
Jacob Moorhead
Alan Moorhead
Dean Moshier
Adam Novey
Grey Thunder Percherons
Dr. Nicole Rambo
Mark Rashid
Ryan Rose
Emily Rose
Ariana Sakaris
Suzy Stafford
Katie Strickland
Christine Traurig
Trixie Chicks
Dr. Kelly R. Vineyard
Brandy Von Holten
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