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April 20, 21, 22, 2018

Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wisconsin

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2018 Exhibitor directory (by category)

All Exhibitors

Exhibitor Location  

1 Source Publications, Inc.

Booth 816, Exhibition Hall

4-H Used Tack Sale


Booth Lower Level, Coliseum 4-H Used Tack Sale

A StoryBook Farm

Booth 1202-1203, Exhibition Hall

A to Z Percherons and Farrier Services/Horsepower 2 Heartbeat In.

Booth OM410, Outside Mall



Booth 3413, 3415, 3513 & 3515, Exhibition Hall ABI EQUINE

Active Riding Trips

Booth 2609, Exhibition Hall

ADM Animal Nutrition

Booth 2813, Exhibition Hall


Booth 3940, Exhibition Hall


Booth 3401 & 3501, Exhibition Hall

AJ's Horse Country

Booth 1703, Exhibition Hall

Alice's Jewelry Creations

Booth C12, Coliseum

Alpine Trailer Sales

Booth T87-T90, Trailer Avenue


Booth OM32-33, Outside Mall

Andis Company


Booth 3924, Exhibition Hall Andis Company

Animal Bedding Supply Co.

Booth 3808-3809, Exhibition Hall

Arena Elegance Browbands & Halters

Booth 3010, Exhibition Hall

Arena Trailer Sales

Booth T77-T86, Trailer Avenue

ASAP Horse Adoption and Rescue

Booth C64, Coliseum

B & B Cowboy Tack

Booth OM240 & OM340, Outside Mall

Badger Materials Recycling


Booth 2607, Exhibition Hall Badger Materials Recycling

Baltic Amber

Booth 6700, Exhibition Hall

Bavarian Roasted Nuts

Booth 1507, Exhibition Hall & Booth FC80, Food Court

Beaded Spirit & Excalibur Artistic Ironworks

Booth 2307, Exhibition Hall

Bel Cappelli Hat Company

Booth 809-811, Exhibition Hall

Bemer Group

Booth OM324, Outside Mall

Big Black Horse LLC

Booth 1609-1610, Exhibition Hall

Big G's

Booth FC82-FC83, Food Court

Big Skinny Wallets/Design 9000

Booth 2707, Exhibition Hall

Black Forest Treeless Saddles

Booth 1015, Exhibition Hall

Black Hawk College - East Campus

Booth C11, Coliseum

Black Hawk Hill Inc.

Booth C5, Coliseum

Blain's Farm & Fleet


Booth 3013-3019, 3113-3119, 3213-3219, Exhibition Hall Blain's Farm & Fleet

Bling & Things

Booth 3935, Exhibition Hall

Bling for Horses

Booth 5011 & 5012, Exhibition Hall

Block Saddle Company

Booth 1817, Exhibition Hall

Body Essentials

Booth 2101, Exhibition Hall

Borealis Holistics LLC/Equus Borealis

Booth S10, Sidewalk

Bows By Lisa Luann

Booth 3927, Exhibition Hall

Brenda's Fry Bread

Booth FC71, Food Court

Brute Ropes

Booth 3939, Exhibition Hall

Buckeye Nutrition/MARS Horsecare US

Booth 1801-1802, Exhibition Hall

Buffalo Trading Post

Booth 1004-1005,

Buildings By Alpha

Booth OM28 & OM29, Outside Mall

C & C Designs

Booth 803, Exhibition Hall

C & L Saddlery

Booth OM243 & OM343, Outside Mall

Camp Anokijig

Booth C19, Coliseum

CanDoCowgirl LLC

Booth 4003-4004, Exhibition Hall

Canfield Buildings

Booth 813 & 815, Exhibition Hall

Cannon Falls Trailer Sales

Booth T48-T51 & T58-T61, Trailer Avenue

Carroll Spur Co

Booth 3416, Exhibition Hall

Catalina's Orginials

Booth 5015-5019, Exhibition Hall

Catie Fashion USA, Inc.

Booth 5040-5043, Exhibition Hall

Cayuse Shop

Booth 1301-1305, 1307, 1301-1405, 1407, Exhibition Hall


Booth 2002, Exhibition Hall

Challenger Feeds-Form A Feed

Booth 2516, Exhibition Hall

Champion of Madison

Booth OM27, Outside Mall

Charlie's Corn Dogs, Burgers, Sausage & More!

Booth FC67, Food Court

Charlie's Corn on the Cob & Lemonade

Booth FC65, Food Court

Charlie's Pizza & Pretzels

Booth FC66, Food Court

ChicksKicks Boots

Booth 901, Exhibition Hall

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

Booth 3917A, Exhibition Hall & Booth C18, Coliseum

Christian Horse-lovers Club Inc

Booth C53, Coliseum

Circle A Saddlery

Booth 3616-3618 & 3716-3718, Exhibition Hall

Classic Equine Equipment

Booth 1704, Exhibition Hall

Cleary Building Corporation

Booth 1901, Exhibition Hall

Click Heat Inc

Booth 5053, Exhibition Hall & Booth OM35, Outside Mall

Closet Space LLC


Booth OM41-OM42, Outside Mall

Coffee Wagon

Booth FC50, Food Court

Country Charm Quilt Co

Booth 617 & 618, Exhibition Hall

Country West LLC

Booth 2003, Exhibition Hall

Cowboy Town

Booth 704, Exhibition Hall

Cowgirl Glitter

Booth 913-916, Exhibition Hall

Cowgirls Sparkling Conchos

Booth 6101, Exhibition Hall

Coyote's Western Shop

Booth 2013-3019, Exhibition Hall

CR Comfort Scooter & More

Booth S19, Sidewalk

Crafted By Us

Booth C54, Coliseum

Crane Echo Tack

Booth 5000-5002 & 5007-5009, Exhibition Hall

Creations by Cow Patti

Booth C46-C48, Coliseum

Creative Touch

Booth C67, Coliseum

Crest Ridge Saddlery

Booth 717-718, Exhibition Hall

Crown Jewels Design

Booth 5004-5005, Exhibition Hall

CSI Saddlepads

Booth 1713 & 1715, Exhibition Hall

CST Antlers LLC

Booth 3109, Exhibition Hall

Culpitt Roofing Inc.

Booth 3807, Exhibition Hall

Custom Tails

Booth 3201-3202, Exhibition Hall

D Buck Construction, LLC

Booth OM38, Outside Mall

D.C. Creations

Booth 1605, 1607, 1705, 1707, Exhibition Hall

D' Marie

Booth 3711, Exhibition Hall

D&D Designs

Booth 5020-5021, Exhibition Hall

D3Riffs Designer Half Chaps


Booth 4006-4007, Exhibition Hall D3Riffs Designer Half Chaps

Dale Chavez Company

Booth 3912-3915, Exhibition Hall

Dane County Pork Producers

Booth FC62-FC64, Food Court

Dejno's Shavings & Bedding

Booth 1504, Exhibition Hall

Denny's Trailer Sales

Booth T37-T41 & T68-T72, Trailer Avenue

Derby Fence Company

Booth 3302, Exhibition Hall

Dick's Dough

Booth FC51 & FC85, Food Court

Dip'n Good Dips

Booth C35-C36, Coliseum

Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin

Booth C32, Coliseum

Dodge Sportsmen's Club

Booth C66, Coliseum

doTERRA Essential Oils

Booth 5051, Exhibition Hall

Double S BBQ

Booth FC54, Food Court

Down Under Saddle Supply

Booth 1602-1604, Exhibition Hall

Dream Designs

Booth 3818-3819, Exhibition Hall

Earth Delights

Booth 6104, Exhibition Hall

East Fork Stables Inc

Booth 2517-2518, Exhibition Hall

Emma's Cookie Kitchen

Booth FC52, Food Court

Empire Marketing

Booth 1803-1804, Exhibition Hall

Equi-Shine Supplements

Booth 2413 & 2415, Exhibition Hall

equiFUSE/Glowing Results

Booth 3101, Exhibition Hall

Equine Assisted Coaching Association

Booth 1102, Exhibition Hall

Equine Design Photography

Booth 1101, Exhibition Hall

Equine Equipment


Booth 2409-2411 & 2509-2511, Exhibition Hall Equine Equipment

Equine Fine Arts

Booth 2113, Exhibition Hall

Equine Gifts Galore

Booth 2801-2802, Exhibition Hall

EquinElite, Inc

Booth 5052, Exhibition Hall


Booth 1113 & 1115, Exhibition Hall


Booth 3947-3948, Exhibition Hall

Essential Bodywear-The Bra Lady

Booth 5022-5024, Exhibition Hall

Evergreen Spirit Press

Booth 5055, Exhibition Hall

Ewe-Nique Products

Booth OM321, Outside Mall

Excel Supplements

Booth 3908, Exhibition Hall


Booth 1813, Exhibition Hall

Face Paint Smiles

Booth OM108, Outside Mall

Fashion Gurlz/Crestview Tack II

Booth 5034-5037, Exhibition Hall

Finish Line Horse Products

Booth 1019, Exhibition Hall

First Class Horse Complex, Ltd

Booth 1118, Exhibition Hall

Flax Farm

Booth 1103, Exhibition Hall

Fleece Corner

Booth 818-819, Exhibition Hall

Flitz International LTD

Booth 610, Exhibition Hall

Freelance Design USA

Booth 3110-3111, Exhibition Hall

Frenchville Trailer Sales LLC

Booth T51-T53 & T56-T58, Trailer Avenue

Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol

Booth OM43, Outside Mall

From Earth to Art-Horse Hair Pottery

Booth C75-C76, Coliseum

Funnel Cakes-G & G Concessions LLC

Booth FC81, Food Court

FVF Clay Creations

Booth C22, Coliseum

Gen's Cowgirl Creations

Booth C31, Coliseum

Geneva Lakes Jewelry & Gem Appraisers

Booth C38, Coliseum

Giftworks Plus

Booth 909, 2519, 2717, Exhibition Hall

Go Spur 1 Apparel

Booth 3810-3814, Exhibition Hall

Gold Medal Trailer Sales

Booth T10-T14 & T23-T27, Trailer Avenue

Gone Country

Booth OM95, Outside Mall

Goodrich Trailer Sales

Booth T1-T5 & T32-T36, Trailer Avenue

Grandpa's Sheds & Shelters LLC

Booth OM92, Outside Mall

Graphic Design

Booth 3402-3405, Exhibition Hall

Great Northern Texas Longhorn Association

Booth 3815, Exhibition Hall

Greek Gyros - G & G Concessions, LLC

Booth FC76, Food Court

Guardian Horse Bedding


Booth 1811, 1911, Exhibition Hall Guardian Horse Bedding

H & S Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Booth 3906-3907, Exhibition Hall

Half Moon Outdoors-Action Trackchair

Booth OM97, Outside Mall

Happy Housewares

Booth 1918-1919, 3409-3411, Exhibition Hall

Hartmeyer Saddleseat Apparel

Booth 3933-3934, Exhibition Hall

Hats Off Boutique

Booth 2305, Exhibition Hall

Hay Creek Ranch

Booth 2711, Exhibition Hall

Hi-Dow Massagers/IQS

Booth 5056-5057, Exhibition Hall

Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison


Booth 2201, Exhibition Hall Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison

Honnie Ammann's Quillows

Booth C39-C40, Coliseum

Hooved Animal Humane Society

Booth C85, Coliseum

Horse & Hound, Inc.

Booth 711-715, Exhibition Hall & Booth OM20, Outside Mall

Horse And Pony Tack

Booth 1915-1917, Exhibition Hall

Horse Hydrator

Booth 615-616, Exhibition Hall

Horse N Hound

Booth 5058-5060, Exhibition Hall

Horse of Course

Booth 1513, Exhibition Hall

Horse Trails & Camping Across America

Booth 2716, Exhibition Hall

Horse'N Around

Booth 1716-1719, Exhibition Hall

HorseTech, Inc.

Booth 903-905, Exhibition Hall

Horsey Habit Saddlery Inc

Booth 3407, 3504-3507, 3602-3607, 3704-3707, 3609-3610, 3709-3710, Exhibition Hall


Booth 3304, Exhibition Hall

Hot Wisconsin Cheese & Fresh Fried Vegetables

Booth FC55-FC56, Food Court

Hueber Feeds LLC

Booth 611, Exhibition Hall

Hunt Fronts

Booth 1503, Exhibition Hall

Hutchison HW Brand


Booth OM91, Exhibition Hall Hutchison HW Brand

HyLee Farm/Sweeney Supplements

Booth 1611, Exhibition Hall

I've Got Bling Western Store

Booth OM110-OM112, Outside Mall

Impact Gel


Booth 2709-2710, 2809-2811, 2909-2911, Exhibition Hall Impact Gel

Inferno Subs

Booth FC53, Food Court

Iowa Valley Carriage

Booth 1413-1416, Exhibition Hall

Iowa's Finest Kettle Korn

Booth FC77, Food Court

Irish Acres Alpacas

Booth 6004, Exhibition Hall

Iron Art of Jim Dehne

Booth OM103, Outside Mall

Island Noodles

Booth FC87, Food Court

JD's Salsa in Seconds

Booth 2817-2818, Exhibition Hall

Jerk Distributing

Booth 720, Exhibition Hall

John Deere


Booth OM63-OM71, Outside Mall John Deere

JT Designs

Booth 6200, Exhibition Hall

Judy's Designs

Booth 3204-3207, Exhibition Hall

JUG Waterers

Booth 2405, Exhibition Hall

Jully's Fashion Design

Booth C70-C71, Coliseum

Junction City Clothing Co

Booth 3801-3802, Exhibition Hall

Just Coffee

Booth C74, Coliseum & Booth 3911A, Exhibition Hall

Just For Dogz

Booth 1119, Exhibition Hall

K & R Mercantile

Booth 614, Exhibition Hall

K-Line Leather

Booth 3918-3919, Exhibition Hall


Booth 2819, Exhibition Hall

Karla's Collections LLC

Booth 605-606, Exhibition Hall

Katie-did Handcrafted Giftware

Booth C44, Coliseum


Booth S6, Sidewalk


Booth 1902-1904, Exhibition Hall

Kicker Clips

Booth 607-608, Exhibition Hall

KK Lawn & Sport

Booth 2616-2617, Exhibition Hall

Kozies' Express Concessions

Booth FC68, Food Court

Kumfy Tailz

Booth 2117, Exhibition Hall

Lazy L Trailers

Booth T8-T10 & T27-T29, Trailer Avenue

LeafFilter North of Wisconsin

Booth OM107, Outside Mall

Lester Buildings, LLC

Booth 708, Exhibition Hall

Life Data Labs, Inc

Booth 3418-3419, Exhibition Hall

LipSense-MaCandis Glam Skin Care

Booth 6003, Exhibition Hall

Little Shop of Cheesecakes

Booth FC73, Food Court

Little Treasures Doll Clothes

Booth C29-C30, Coliseum

LubriSyn Family of Products


Booth 2309-2310, Exhibition Hall LubriSyn Family of Products

Majesty's Animal Nutrition

Booth 2601, Exhibition Hall

Mama's Munchies

Booth FC78-FC79, Food Court

Mandy's Custom Tack


Booth 804-805, Exhibition Hall

Mane-ly Long Hair

Booth 1805, Exhibition Hall

MAR Enterprises

Booth 1613 & 1615, Exhibition Hall

Mark Enterprises, Inc.

Booth 919, Exhibition Hall

Mattress Firm Inc.


Booth 1009-1011, 1109-1111, 1709-1711, Exhibition Hall & Booth OM66 & OM69, Outside Mall Mattress Firm Inc.

Booth 1818-1819, Exhibition Hall

Menzel's Amish Shelter & Fabrication


Booth 1809,1810,1909,1910, Exhibition Hall Menzel's Amish Shelter & Fabrication



Booth 4001-4002, Exhibition Hall Merial

Metal Roofing Systems

Booth 2605, Exhibition Hall

Metalcraft by K

Booth 1417-1418, Exhibition Hall

Mid-Western Rodeo

Booth C26, Coliseum

Midway Trailer Sales

Booth T42-T47 & T62-T67, Trailer Avenue

Midwest Cremation Service of Wisconsin

Booth 3519, Exhibition Hall

Midwest Horse Fair Gift Shop


Booth West Lobby, Coliseum Midwest Horse Fair Gift Shop

Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation

Booth C8-C9, Coliseum

Midwestern Solutions

Booth 2515, Exhibition Hall

Millcreek Manufacturing

Booth OM214-OM215 & OM314-315, Outside Mall

Minnesota Emu Ranch & Wild Bird Rescue

Booth 2507, Exhibition Hall

Minnesota School of Horseshoeing

Booth 710, Exhibition Hall

Miraco/Badger Livestock Equipment

Booth 3001, Exhibition Hall

Moore's Horse Company

Booth 2302-2304, Exhibition Hall

Morton Buildings Inc

Booth 702, Exhibition Hall

Mountain Arts

Booth OM109, Outside Mall

Mouse-Mix Safe Pest Deterrent

Booth 1905, Exhibition Hall

Mousehouse Fudge

Booth 5014, Exhibition Hall

Muddy Creek Rain Gear

Booth 1013, Exhibition Hall

My Red Haired Auntie

Booth 6804, Outside Mall

My Stuff

Booth 612-613, Exhibition Hall

Native Arts

Booth 3317-3319, Exhibition Hall

Natural Horse Vet/Dr. Dan Moore

Booth 1619, Exhibition Hall

Nature Made Heaven Scent Soap

Booth C88, Coliseum

NB Horse Training/Chap Straps

Booth 1517-1518, Exhibition Hall

Necklace Express

Booth C25, Coliseum

Nectar of the Vine

Booth 918, Exhibition Hall

Nelson Horse Waterers

Booth 2610-2611, Exhibition Hall

Newt's Hat Company

Booth 3209-3211, 3309-3311, Exhibition Hall

Next Step Designs

Booth 3713, 3715, Exhibition Hall

Night Mares

Booth C45, Coliseum

Northland Buildings

Booth 1201, Exhibition Hall

Northwest Medical Thermography

Booth 5050, Exhibition Hall



Booth 4008, Exhibition Hall Nutrena

Oak Outlet

Booth OM104, Outside Mall

Omega Fields

Booth 1815-1816, Exhibition Hall

One Stop Equine Shop


Booth 3900-3902, Exhibition Hall One Stop Equine Shop

Outback Survival Gear & Saratoga Saddlery

Booth 3313-3316, 3930-3932, Exhibition Hall

Paisley Bling

Booth 6100, Exhibition Hall

Papa Rueben's

Booth FC74, Food Court

Patty Muchka Hand Painted Designs

Booth C10, Coliseum

Paw Prints Plus

Booth 1419 & 1519, Exhibition Hall

Pawstels-Custom Pet Portraits

Booth 1117, Exhibition Hall

Pegasus Airboots LLC

Booth 1007, Exhibition Hall

Pet ID Tags

Booth OM102, Outside Mall

Peter Paul Jones LLC

Booth S12, Sidewalk

Peter Stone Company

Booth 706-707, Exhibition Hall

Pinno Buildings LLC


Booth 2103, Exhibition Hall Pinno Buildings LLC

Pleasurethyme Driving Companions

Booth 1601 & 1701, Exhibition Hall

Presson's Akers Ranch

Booth 3920-3921, Exhibition Hall

Priefert Farm, Ranch & Rodeo

Booth OM93, Outside Mall

Progress Plus, LLC

Booth 917, Exhibition Hall

Purina Animal Nutrition


Booth 3916-3917, 3936-3938, Exhibition Hall Purina Animal Nutrition

R. Craig Leatherworks

Booth 1913, Exhibition Hall

RAM Rodeo and Don Miller


Booth OM56-OM57, Outside Mall RAM Rodeo and Don Miller

Ranch Horseshoe Art

Booth 2209, Exhibition Hall

Ray's Western Wear & Saddlery

Booth 2901-2904, Exhibition Hall

Real Time Pain Relief

Booth 6201-6202, Exhibition Hall

Reed Tack

Booth C41-C42, Coliseum

Rick's Tack/Stagecoach Emroidery

Booth 1104-1105, Exhibition Hall

Ritchie Waterers/Ferguson Enterprises

Booth 1207, Exhibition Hall

RM Tack

Booth 3002-3007 & 3102-3105 & 3107, Exhibition Hall

Rockstar Rebels

Booth S13, Sidewalk

Rocky Mountain Leathers

Booth 2202-2205, Exhibition Hall

Rodeo Drive


Booth 1409-1410 & 1509-1510, Exhibition Hall Rodeo Drive

Roguework Art

Booth 1107, Exhibition Hall

Route 66

Booth OM100, Outside Mall

Rustic River Mosaics

Booth S16, Sidewalk

Saddle Up Clothing Company

Booth 2805 & 2807, Exhibition Hall & Booth OM36, Outside Mall

Booth OM105, Outside Mall

Schiferl's WJ Ranch

Booth OM411, Outside Mall

SewHappy Crafts

Booth C16, Coliseum

Shades of Fun

Booth OM31 & OM113, Outside Mall

Sheepskin Importers

Booth 2210, Exhibition Hall

Simone's Chapeaux & Creations

Booth C14, Coliseum

Smokie Brannaman, Horseman's Services LTD

Booth OM424, Outside Mall

Soap Basket G2

Booth C55-C56, Coliseum

Something New - That's Amazing

Booth 807, Exhibition Hall

Spalding Fly Predators

Booth 3305 & 3307, Exhibition Hall

Sparhawk Enterprises

Booth 1313, Exhibition Hall

Spiral's Gourmet Butterfly Fries

Booth FC75, Food Court

Spirit Plus Nutrition and Health

Booth 2805 & 2807, Exhibition Hall

Stabul 1

Booth 3911, Exhibition Hall

Stall Fresh

Booth 1209, Exhibition Hall

Steers Tack LLC

Booth OM106, Outside Mall


Booth 2115-2116, Exhibition Hall

Structures Unlimited LLC

Booth 802, Exhibition Hall

Summer Snow Art

Booth 700, Exhibition Hall

Sun Products

Booth 2211, 2311, 6904, Exhibition Hall

Sunny Beach Farm Studio - Larry Schultz, Artist

Booth 4000, Exhibition Hall

Sunrise Showers Soap Co, LLC

Booth 5047-5048, Exhibition Hall

Sunset Gifts & Crafts

Booth C33-C34, Coliseum


Booth 2005, 2007 2105 & 2107, Exhibition Hall

Sycamore Creek Saddles

Booth 2703, Exhibition Hall

Taborton Equine Books

Booth 2803-2804, Exhibition Hall

Tarp Buddy, LLC

Booth 1505, Exhibition Hall

Team Equine

Booth 1218-1219, Exhibition Hall

The Blue Horse

Booth 1907, Exhibition Hall

The Bodacious Bulldog Fabulous Costume Jewelry

Booth C84, Coliseum

The Corral Trailer Sales, Inc

Booth T73-T75 & T84, Trailer Avenue

The Cottage Works

Booth OM34, Outside Mall

The Dancing Horses Theatre

Booth 4005, Exhibition Hall

The DeLong Co. Inc

Booth 1002-1003, Exhibition Hall

The Finishing Touch

Booth 3928-3929, Exhibition Hall

The Glitta Queen

Booth OM224, Outside Mall

The Great Plains Hat Company

Booth 1217, Exhibition Hall

The Haughty Horse

Booth 1807, Exhibition Hall

The Original Cinch Hook

Booth 2118, Exhibition Hall

The Purse Connection

Booth S14-S15, Sidewalk

The Purseman

Booth 2613 & 2615, Exhibition Hall

Therasage EMC

Booth OM426, Outside Mall

Thomas Horse Fence


Booth 1210-1211, Exhibition Hall Thomas Horse Fence

Tipperary, Inc.

Booth OM40, Outside Mall

TMH Specialties

Booth 1501-1502, Exhibition Hall

Total Feeds Inc.


Booth 3945-3946, Exhibition Hall Total Feeds Inc.

Trailer Eyes

Booth 604, Exhibition Hall

Tri-State Ag Associates

Booth 3011, Exhibition Hall

Tribute Equine Nutrition

Booth 801, Exhibition Hall

Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc.


Booth 3922-3923, Exhibition Hall Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc.

TroubleMaker Custom Leather

Booth 1116, Exhibition Hall

TW Wholesale

Booth 3701-3703 , Exhibition Hall & Booth OM36, Outside Mall

Twisted Fork Saddle Shop

Booth 3303, Exhibition Hall

Two Brothers Leather Masters

Booth 907, Exhibition Hall

Ultimate Creations-Infinite Aloe

Booth 3009, Exhibition Hall

Ultimate Hose Nozzle

Booth 3611, Exhibition Hall

Ultra Balm Midwest

Booth 1016, Exhibition Hall

Unique Signs & Knives

Booth OM223, Outside Mall

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Booth C52, Coliseum

Usborne Books

Booth 2119, Exhibition Hall

UW School of Veterinary Medicine

Booth 3926, Exhibition Hall

Vet Supply Source

Booth 6402, Exhibition Hall

Victory Barn

Booth 1213-1216, Exhibition Hall

Viner's Giftware

Booth S7-S9, Sidewalk & Booth OM409, Outside Mall

Vintage Western Design

Booth C51, Coliseum

Walters Buildings

Booth 902, Exhibition Hall

Watertown Plastic Fence & Country Estate Fence

Booth 2407, Exhibition Hall

Watkins Quality Products

Booth 2001, Exhibition Hall

Wehrs Truck & Auto Inc

Booth T6-T7 & T30-T31, Trailer Avenue

Weldy Enterprises

Booth 2618-2619 & 2718-2719, Exhibition Hall

West 20 Saddle Co

Booth 2213-2219, 2313-2319, 2416-2419, Exhibition Hall

West Michigan Horseshoe Supply

Booth 705, Exhibition Hall

Western Edge LTD

Booth 2401-2404, 2501-2505, 2602-2604, Exhibition Hall

Western Horse Company Ltd

Booth 3502-3503, Exhibition Hall


Booth C37, Coliseum

Whiskey River Art & Trading Co

Booth OM201, Outside Mall

Wick Buildings

Booth 3301, Exhibition Hall

William Woods University

Booth C13, Coliseum

Winchester Pottery

Booth 910-911, Exhibition Hall

Windmill Monogrammed Halters


Booth 2713-2715, Exhibition Hall Windmill Monogrammed Halters

Windywares-JBL Awards LLC

Booth 602, Exhibition Hall

Wisconsin Cattlemen's Assn Steak Trailer

Booth FC60-FC61, Food Court

Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage

Booth 3601, Exhibition Hall

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital

Booth 1204-1205, Exhibition Hall

Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse Assn.

Booth C17, Coliseum

Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds

Booth FC86, Food Court

Wisconsin High School Rodeo Assn.

Booth C27-C28, Coliseum

Wisconsin Horse Council


Booth C78-C79, Coliseum Wisconsin Horse Council

Wisconsin Horse Council Trails Committee

Booth C81, Coliseum

Wisconsin Machine Shed

Booth FC69-FC70,

Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association

Booth C23-C24, Coliseum

Wisconsin State Park System

Booth C80, Coliseum

Wisconsin Walking Horse Association

Booth C20, Coliseum

Woods Trading Company

Booth 6300-6301 & 6400-6401, Exhibition Hall

WS Ag Center

Booth OM221, Outside Mall

WSI Sports

Booth 5003, Exhibition Hall

Y Knot Rope Tack

Booth OM301, Outside Mall

Yellow Dog Treats

Booth C50, Coliseum

Young Living Essential Oils

Booth 2905-2907, Exhibition Hall


Booth 5013, Exhibition Hall

Yummy Shop

Booth FC72, Food Court